Outdoor Remodeling and Backyard Restoration

Sanchivi helps you rediscover your backyard. Learn how to take back your backyard and make it unique! By improving your landscape design, removing clutter, and building a deck or installing an egress window, we can help you to build a tranquil setting that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Fix the Landscape


Are you tired of a cluttered backyard? Can’t find the time to do anything about it? Worried about the cost to fix it? Sanchivi to the rescue! You would be amazed by the dramatic changes that can be made to your landscape that won’t force you to take out a loan or re-mortgage your house! A few simple steps can be taken that will make a world of difference. Correct mowing height, for example, is crucial to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. And, in an afternoon, using a simple garden hoe and an adequate amount of mulch, a once drab, boring back yard can be transformed into a wonderful oasis. Choose one of the following for high quality landscaping and landscape design in the Lancaster, Reading, and Harrisburg areas.

Remove all of the Junk

Junk Removal

Deciding on what to do with junk and appliances doesn’t have to be a hassle. Learn more about refuse and what you can do to get rid of it. There’s several options for getting rid of trash, yard waste, recycling, and even major appliances. Recycling offers a great way to get rid of scrap and make a little money in return all while helping the environment. Big jobs are no longer a problem with dumpster rental. If you’re planning a major project or event you may want to read on and become more aware to the waste and scrap solutions all around you. If you are in need of dumpster rental services or a recycling company, we would be glad to point you in the right direction!

Build A Deck Or Outdoor Gazebo


A deck is a wonderful thing to have and enjoy. Just ask anyone who has one! Aside from the obvious added ability to entertain guests and have family picnics whenever you choose to, a deck is a great and relatively inexpensive way to exponentially increase the value and appearance of your home. If you build a gazebo, you can add on a gazebo cupola to improve its appearance. Sanchivi explains common building materials and techniques for gazebos, as well as custom deck building options for your backyard. For further information about the deck construction process, building materials, pricing, or available designs and color schemes, contact us today. You can find plenty of information about decks at Elite Vinyl Railings, LLC.

Install an Egress Window Well for your Basement

Egress Window Well

What’s the big deal with egress windows? Find out why many home and property owners are having egress windows and window wells installed. Learn how egress windows can actually make your home safer for you and your family. Do local building codes require you to have egress windows installed? Discover more information on egress windows and window wells and decide if they’re right for your home. For window well covers and more, contact Better Basement Solutions.